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    Creating Chart with negative growth

    Kushal chawda

      Hi Tableauers,


      I have attached the data file which contains Yearly product sales. I want to create the chart in Tableau same like below




      Basically chart display the Product comparison for two years and line display the growth.

      For example in Year 2010 Sales was 100 & in 2011 it became 200, so growth is 100% for Product A.

      Likewise for product B growth should be -15%


      Please help me to create the chart in Tableau

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          Adam Crahen

          Hi Kushal-


          In order to achieve the line, you are going to need to plot the bars on a continuous field.  If you use the discrete year in columns that will create a pane/header that splits your line.  I added a key to your data (1,2,3,4) and that is what I plotted on the column shelf.




          The Product and Year are labels of the bar chart.  Then a dual axis for your line.  I edited the table calc in the shelf to add the ABS wrapper to show your -15% as positive (not that this is a good idea).  I used the actual table calc for the label.


          9.2 workbook attached.

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