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    Reference line - at the cell level - different each month based on calc

    Brenda Fosmire

      Employees have goal numbers based on their percent FTE times that month's base target -

      See below that Clark Rev Total Goal numbers change between Nov and Dec.

      cds monthly goal.bmp

      I want to write a calc which will set reference line at the month level..

      As an example - look at the columns with the cell level reference lines. BUT they are the same for each month.

      cds monthly goal.png


      Note that I've data blended.


      1) First I thought I needed a LOD calc to hold the calc to the month level but I can't get this to work:

      {FIXED ATTR([CDI-Monthly-All Extract].[Disch Date]): [Rev Tot Goal] * [Productive FTE]}

      --- gives the error:  Only column names are permitted in the dimensional declaration


      2) Then I though maybe a  more simple calc would do this:

      If MONTH(ATTR([CDI-Monthly-All Extract].[Disch Date])) = MONTH([Standards Month])


      TOTAL([Qry Tot Goal] * [Productive FTE])

      ELSE 0



      "If the Months match then do the calc "

      --- gives the error:

      Cannot mix aggregate and non aggregate


      I think I am not correctly using the MONTH function.

      I am trying to compare two dates to see if their months match?


      Suggestions on how to get a reference value at the month level?

      Is this a Data Blending problem?  The months I want to compare are in two different tables - but I've related them.