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    Unable to connect to Google Analytics

    Ravi Thakkar

      I have installed student version of Tableau. When i try to connect to google analytics with my gmail id it cannot connect and showing me error message that You do not have permission to perform the requested operation.
      What can be the problem?





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          Hi Ravi Thakkar,


          One of the following steps should resolve the issue.

          • Reduce the frequency of Google Analytics extract refreshes. For example, if extracts are refreshing every 15 minutes, schedule refreshes for every hour instead. For more information, see Schedule Refreshes & Subscriptions in Tableau Help.
          • Work with Google to change the number of allowed API requests per day or per second.


          The error you are obtaining comes from the API requests that have exceeded the limit allowed by Google Analytics; as a result, the Google Analytics account is locked.


          I hope this will help you!