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    Count Missing Action Items

    Jagjit Singh

      Hi All,


      In the attached workbook I have 32 action items that are completed when a property is let. Users do not enter a date against all the action items, hence in the database table only those items which have an Actual Date appear.

      I want to create a view that will show (count) all the missing actions items per property (prop code) in the vacant details table. I setup a separate spreadsheet with all the action items and tried to blend the data but when I drag the prop code dimension I get *.


      For Example for Prop Code 1521, Action Items 15, 28, 29, 30, 31, 37,38,39,40,41,42,44,45 are not in the vacant details table and these show appear as a count against the Action Description.


      Any ideas how we can great a view to show all the missing items as this will help users to identified the missing actions.







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          Shinichiro Murakami



          In this case as long as I know, you need to create Action Items x Prop Code combination as master data.






          9.0 attatched

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            Jagjit Singh

            Hi Shin,


            That will not work as we have more than 1000 properties and will have to manually refresh the spreadsheet to the prop code. I thought blending would work as what is not matching would be returned as a NULL. The NULL values are what I'm looking for so I can highlight them in a view so teams can go back to the system and enter the missing dates.


            If I have to introduce the action items in sql, iam not sure how to create a sql view from a temp table as below:


            Declare @tempactionitems Table  (ActionNumber INT


            ,ActionDescription varchar(255))


            INSERT INTO @tempactionitems (ActionNumber,ActionDescription) VALUES


            (1,'NOT Termination Received')


            ,(2,'Tenancy Expected End Date')


            ,(3,'Pre-Vacate Inspection')


            ,(4,'Support Agency Notified')


            ,(5,'Keys Returned')


            ,(6,'Keys to Assets')


            ,(13,'Keys received by Assets')


            ,(14,'Void Scope Inspection')


            ,(15,'Raise Void Work Order')


            ,(16,'Keys to Contractor')


            ,(17,'Keys from Contractor')


            ,(18,'Post Void Inspection/PCR')


            ,(19,'ReWork to Contractor')


            ,(20,'ReWork from Contractor')


            ,(21,'Keys to Allocation')


            ,(25,'Keys received from Assets')


            ,(26,'Referred to Support Agency')


            ,(27,'Received from Support Agency')


            ,(28,'Commence Shortlisting')


            ,(29,'Offer Property')


            ,(30,'Show property')