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    Data Source Filters




      I have 2 user  groups based on a "Region" field in Tableau.


      Now I want to set 2 data source filters based on this so that only specific users get to see that region data













      So I want to use both these groups to create the DS filter so that they have access to specific data. How can this be achieved

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          Amanjot Klair

          You may use user filters. Connect to the server and then go back to server option. You will find a new option called user filter. Click on it and you can select which user can access what part of the dimension.



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            What if the user is part of multiple regions. I do not want to use User Filters to avoid creating multiple files.


            The users count will be close to 500.


            Please advise

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              Amanjot Klair

              While using user filters you will be asked to asign the dimension values to

              the user. For example if you have A,B,C,D,E,F and G users and you want

              C,D,E,F users to see data for 2 regions and rest all to see all the regions

              it is possible as you can give permission to multiple values for each

              dimension. Incase you have different AD groups it is also possible to use

              those AD groups as well for user filters. I am not in reach of tableau

              right now else I would have sent you some screenshots. You can also find

              them on the forum as well.

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                Tableau kumar

                Create calculated fields as below,

                Name:Group ABC

                Syntax: if [Region] = "A" or  [Region] = "B" or [Region] = "C"  then "Group ABC" end


                Name:Group ADE


                if [Region] = "A" or  [Region] = "E" or [Region] = "D"  then "Group ADE" end


                then Create a parameter to select the Field  dynamically , for this go through the following link.

                Tableau BI: Dynamically Selecting the Measures & Dimensions


                Then you can use the field based up on your user belonging to.


                Best Regards


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                  Amanjot Klair

                  Here is a walkthrough to adding user filters.


                  Navigate to the user filters tab. This gets enables while you are signed on to the server. Also user filters can only be applied to applied to sheets not dashboards so open a sheet and try it there.

                  If you can see the diemsion you want to set access to select it or else click on more. I have hiden my available columns.



                  Navigation to User Filters.png


                  In next step you will get the option to select the column you want to choose.


                  Select the Field for user filter.png


                  In the next step you can select the users to whome the permission will be applicable to and what members of the dimension they can use. It can be a single member or multiple members based on your requirement. Also if you have AD groups these permissions can be applied to ad groups as well  and all the users within those groups will automatically inherit this permission.


                  Select Users and Dimension values.png


                  Hope this helps!