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    Tableau: Average by Dimension within Dimension

    Robert Yu

      I would like to average N by Type for values of Inst

      My data is set up as:

      Type, Inst, N 
      A, A1, 4
      A, A1, 13
      A, A1, 13
      A, A2, 4
      A, A3, 5
      B, B1, 4
      B, b2, 10

      So I would like to see a table (or bar chart) with A: 13, B:7. Any suggestions? If I put AVG(N) in rows and Type in columns I get A: 7.8, B:7

      The problem is that Tableau is averaging all N per Type, but I want the numerator to be the total N for the Type while the denominator is the number of unique Inst within that Type


      This is cross-posted http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35372904/tableau-average-by-dimension