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    Pricing model to Customer/Client

    Kishore Kumar



      What all the considerable metrics to charge back/Prices customers/clients to use Tableau application?

      I'm thinking like based on Tableau infrastructure, licenses, maintenance and support activities, the price should be applied to customers on

      1. No.of Sites, Projects, Volume & Size of Workbook or Dashboard
      2. Charge on User (May be Groups)


      I think charging on User will be good. Any thoughts? or If you've already something, what was that?





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          Bill Lyons

          I'm not clear what your question is here. If you are suggesting that Tableau consider different pricing models than what it currently has, you might want to vote up and comment at Improved server license model for medium size companies . If you have questions about prices for your organization, I suggest discussing them with your sales rep.

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            Karen Morgan

            Hi Kishore --


            I'm having the same issue.  I'm considering passing along the costs like this:


            1a. Flat fee per year per company to access the data

            1b. Hourly rate for any work I do to create, manipulate and/or administrate the data




            2a. Flat fee per year per company to access ONE dashboard. Scalable flat fee per year per company for access to more than one dashboard.

            2b.  Same as 1b.


            Since I'm 5 months behind you on thinking about this, I'd love to hear what you came up with, and if your concept worked financially for you and your business.