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    Building barchart treemap (revamping Radial Tree into non-circular shape)

    Tomek Zbrozek

      I've been trying to create something that probably should be called a barchart treemap. I want to show flow of visitors on a website with a level hierarchy (1st page landed, second page, third... up to five). I have found absolutely smart solution suggested by Bora Beran here: Radial treemaps & bar charts in Tableau « Bora Beran  which is a Radial Treemap.

      There is a huge drawback in the way that Tableau displays marks of Radial Tree, though. The number of marks which are displayed together with this chart is 5684 marks in Bora Beran's mock up and, totally unacceptable for me in terms of performance, almost 1.5 million marks when I source my website flow data to this chart. Also, when I recorded performance of my workbook, it turned out that the factor significantly slowing down the workbook is the fact that Radial Tree is built using table calculations, which are a pain for dashboard performance. I expect that non-radial, barchart treemap would be more effective in terms of performance (especially if a bar or gantt bar chart type could be used here).




      So, time for my idea. I think that it must be a way to display the same data as a 'barchart tree' which should look somehow like this:

      Level 1 would be at the bottom (the biggest bar), and the tree is growing upwards. Maybe this could be displayed using a bar chart type? Maybe with Gantt bars or Polygon? I've done quite extensive research and didn't found anything alike.

      I'm attaching a workbook created by Bora Beran - its data should be enough to prototype a barchart (my data is similarly formatted).