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    Hyperlinks in a Textbox Pointing to a File

    Ashwin Chandak



      I am trying to add a hyperlink to text within a textbox on a dashboard. When a user clicks on this link, he/she should be prompted to save/open the file that was the source.


      The text field would look something like this:


      KPI Metrics: This file provides the values of the KPIs this week.


      On clicking the underlined text, the user should be prompted to open/save the file.


      Is there a way we could do this on Tableau?



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          Joe Oppelt

          Text boxes are just text.  No HTML in there.

          You want to do Actions on a sheet.


          See attached.


          I created a dummy sheet that displays the same text as you listed.  Only I added dashboard actions on it.  One is a hyperkink action that opens Google.  One is an action that effectively does nothing, but that's how you control what it will do.  Click on the text and see what happens.


          Don't worry if you get an upgrade message when you open it.  I created it in 8.2 so that no matter what version you are using, it will upgrade to your version when you open it.