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    Tableau Public Account Not Working

    Ryan Chan

      Hi Everyone,


      My Tableau Public Account is "ryan.chan". I can sign into my account, but when I go to my profile, nothing loads, and additionally, the "sign in" button still shows up. 1.png

      If I click on that button, I am redirected to a blank page. If I click on Gallery, however, the "sign in" button changes to the icon, so in fact I am still signed in. From the "gallery" page, I can sign in and out by using the icon.



      When I try to save to Tableau Public from Tableau Desktop, it seems to go through, but the vis doesn't load in the profile, instead I get a blank page, same as the first image above.


      I can sign in and open workbooks from Tableau Public using Tableau Desktop. I have tried multiple browsers and even multiple computers, and I get the same issue.


      Thanks for any help and suggestions!