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    Valentine's Day Viz


      With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here is a fun viz exploring gift spending in 2013 by demographics:




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          Shinichiro Murakami

          I need to buy something from now.

          Happy Valentine's Day !!

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            Yeah, so I can visualize your spending next year!


            Happy Valentine's Day!

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              Simon Runc

              ...Hey Pooja,


              We've already had our VD (14th Feb), but will have to add this Viz URL to my Wife's 'untrusted site' list...as VD spend wise, she is well below the curve!!


              If she does find it...The only defense I have is the 50k+ Spend in Flowers!!...this is more in line with her usual pressie!!

              Cool Viz and thanks for posting...Prior to my current job, I used to work for The Body Shop (big in VD gifting)...this would have been very handy!

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                Haha..thanks Simon! Appreciate the feedback. 50K+ is actually the salary bracket of people who spent the amount in the circle for flowers. I didn't want to create too many individual sheets for each field in the dimension, so I ended up grouping like fields together and sorted the shapes based on total spent by that bracket. Hope that makes sense. I should have added captions, but there was limited space


                PS: I love body shop!!



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                  Simon Runc

                  hi Pooja, Yes I got that from the Viz


                  ...it was more the $0.70 I was referring to. The $50k+ earning bracket was my extra-justification that even those on the highest income bracket can get gifts in the 'under $1' price bracket!! (I'll just brush over the Jewelry spend in that earnings-group!!)

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                    hahaa oh I see! I was just trying to see if I clearly explained what I needed to in my viz and yes, that was a surprise to me too, that people with higher income bracket spent less too. In fact I think people with less than 50k income did better, they spent highest in jewelry despite their low income

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                      Simon Runc

                      ...although the lower spend is only in Flowers? (that's my reading anyway)


                      ...I guess once you've 'waxed' $175.65 on Jewelry, you'll probably be excused from partnering them with gas-station flowers!!!

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                        Thats what it looks like! Its funny how people with higher income bracket spent less in flowers and teenagers leave no stones unturned by spending highest in jewelry and didn't leave out spending on flowers too. Flowers is just something you  buy as an accompaniment gift I guess regardless of what else you spent on

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                          Simon Runc

                          Yes looks like it costs more to Win a soul-mate than to Keep one!! Although knowing teenagers...there might well be a different motivation in play


                          ...on a more serious, data-driven, point my previous employer never focused on 'teenage' gifts (thinking that teenagers didn't have as much disposable income)...had they looked at the data, they may have gone for a different strategy (...they certainly tended to use 'gut' [and its inherent bias'] over 'data'...which is why they are my previous employer)

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                            I totally agree, decisions made based on assumptions and outside the scope of data can be so misleading. Which is why I love being involved in something that can be so impactful and futuristic

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                              murtaza farooqui

                              LOL,, this is very sass ! nice work