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    Populate filter with values from 2 columns

    Osoba Netko

      Hi guys.. =)


      I don't know if this is possible to make in Tableau. I would be very happy if you could help

      me or give me some workaround to solve my problem.


      On my dashboard I have sheet like this:


      In database I have Home and Away columns (Match is calculation [Home] + "-" + [Away])


      My client would like to have possibility to select Club and to see in this table All broadcasts

      where that club is home or away club... 


      If I put Home filter he will see only broadcasts where selected club played at home. The

      same with Away filter.. so this will not work for me. 


      I tried this solution:

      I made parameter with all club values, and calculation (If home = param OR away = param) which

      I put as filter and choose "true".

      Problem with that solution is that I always have 34 clubs in it. I would like to have "only relevant values"

      in that parameter. So I think parameter is not a good solution because it provides only static options. 


      Is there a way to populate this parameter with Home and Away values from a current view? and

      then that client has option to choose club from club list of clubs that appear both home and away

      in view.


      I hope you could understand my question! =)


      Thank you very much for your time