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    Mapbox data working with Tableau?

    Taylor Hintz

      I've pulled default and some of my custom Mapbox maps into Tableau without any problem, but I haven't been able to pull data added to my Mapbox map into Tableau.


      For example, I created a custom map in Mapbox editor and created a polygon to show a certain zone of a city, but when I connect it with my Tableau map sheet, Tableau pulls the map with its custom styling, but the added polygon data does not appear.


      Can this be done? It would be incredibly useful.

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          Sean Boon



          It may depend on how you added them.   If you are using Mabpox Classic, you can go to Map --> Background Maps --> Add--> Mapbox Map and then add as many custom layers from Mapbox.  These layers will then show up under Maps --> Map Layers.  You can then toggle on and off the ones you want.  This is a good article that describes this Create multiple custom map layers in Mapbox that you can toggle on and off in Tableau | DataBlick



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            Aiswarya Sundaram

            Hey Taylor,

            Did you figure out a way?


            I tried Sean's method, but the map layer is the custom map itself without the polygons.

            I'm using basic plan of Mapbox, is an upgrade required to get that working?


            Shawn Wallwork Anya A'hearn Allan Walker Have you come across this? Could you please help us?


            Thanks in advance.

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              Taylor Hintz

              Yes Sean, I have been adding my map that way using the map ID from Mapbox

              Editor. It doesn't pull the polygon data in the map. Since that polygon is

              called a "feature" and not a "layer" in Editor, I'm not sure if that makes

              a difference. I also don't know if the polygon feature has its own ID that

              I can add in Tableau, though I've looked around and haven't seen anything

              like that.


              I've read through that DataBlick story, but all those map layers seem to

              have been created in Studio/Studio Classic. I think my problem has to do

              with the fact I'm using Editor to create the polygon data I need. This may

              be a question better asked in a Mapbox forum, but can that data be added in

              Mapbox Studio Classic?


              On Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 5:45 AM, Aiswarya Sundaram <

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                Aiswarya Sundaram

                That's the same thing I have been doing as well, Taylor.

                Let me check in MapBox community.

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                  Susan Martucci

                  Where is a Mapbox community?  I have tried this past weekend to upload some census shapefiles to Mapbox and they go through a processing step, but then get stuck on loading.  I uploaded similar shapefiles back in Dec 2015 with no problems, but now, none of the files I have tried will finish uploading and show in my tilesets.


                  I have sent a message to Mapbox support - but it was the weekend, so there has been no response yet.  I did not find an online forum of users - except here on the Tableau forums.  Is there an active community somewhere?


                  Thanks, Susan

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                    Taylor Hintz

                    I haven't found a Mapbox community. I tried something similar to what I

                    think you're describing as well Susan. Earlier I just copied the map ID

                    after finding it in my Mapbox Editor projects. Just now, while in Editor, I

                    downloaded the KML of the data and then uploaded it via the data tab in

                    Mapbox, and it processed and uploaded just fine, categorizing it as a

                    feature and assigning it a new map ID. Then, back in Tableau, I added the

                    feature, and low and behold -- it still didn't work.


                    On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 10:10 AM, Susan Martucci <

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                      Hello everyone,


                      I previously wrote about this issue when Tableau 9.2 was released and folks were primarily using Mapbox Studio (Classic):


                      Unfortunately, the markers (points) and shape (polygon) that you added to your map are not supported in Tableau, because those objects are not part of the mapbox map tile cache.  You can see this when you interact with your map, that the points and shape always remain visible, while the tiles load while you are zooming.  That means that these shapes do not come through when we request map tiles. However, you can workaround this issue.  You should be able to download the data you created as geojson or kml, and on the Data tab of your Mapbox account go to Uploads, and upload your shapes (the kml or geojson file) as a data source.  Then you can create a style based on these items using Mapbox Studio (hint: set the background to transparent) and add that as a second custom map.id when you make a connection.




                      This workflow is slightly different between Mapbox Studio and Mapbox Classic Studio.


                      Thanks, Kent


                      Taylor Hintz -- it sounds like you tried this and it didn't work? 


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                        Taylor Hintz

                        That sounds similar to what I tried to do. I downloaded the data as a kml

                        file and uploaded it to the data tab, whereupon it received its own map ID.

                        I just used that map ID in Tableau, and I used a default satellite map from

                        mapbox as a second map for the background. When the background map was

                        ordered first and the data feature second, it just went black and the

                        polygon did not appear. When switched, the satellite map did appear, but

                        again without the polygon.


                        On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 12:56 PM, Kent Marten <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                          Taylor Hintz


                          I believe I know what the issue is. If you are just using the map.ID of the data source, it will render with a black background, so the entire map might appear black.  Also, if the area you have polygons for is small (something that might fit inside a city), you will need to zoom to that area to view it easily.


                          I would recommend creating a Mapbox Style from your data source, which you can do from Mapbox Studio Classic (Create style from source) on the Settings pane of a data source.  On the Style, I would remove the background color, so you can see through to the satellite imagery.


                          Let me know if that helps.



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                            Taylor Hintz

                            Okay, I think I followed the steps, right, but I'm still learning the ropes

                            of Studio Classic. Here's what I did, and sorry in advance for the length.


                            This is just what I get when I open Mapbox Studio Classic. I then click on

                            the "styles and sources" and toggle to sources and click on the text

                            "create a new one now."


                            That brings me this window, a completely blank canvas with no layers, and I

                            click on the text to import a data layer.


                            After selecting the KML I downloaded via Editor, I get this message.


                            I have no idea what that means or if I followed the steps correctly. I've

                            also tried adding it as a style by selecting new style or source (top of

                            second image) and adding the map ID, but that didn't pull the polygon data.

                            And when I browse for the KML file instead, it doesn't appear.



                            On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 3:26 PM, Kent Marten <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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                              Taylor Hintz

                              I made a little more progress along the directions you gave me Kent, but

                              I'm still hitting a wall here. At least now the wall looks a lot smaller.

                              While I was getting that message when trying to upload the KML file, I

                              wasn't when uploading the GeoJSON file. Hooray!


                              From here I went to the Settings tab, clicked on "Create style from source"

                              and was given the option of using a remote or local source. Didn't matter

                              which I chose, it seemed, I was taken to this point:


                              This looks like a lot of progress and the point at which I can do some

                              styling. However, I can't find a way to simply add a style, either a

                              default one or a custom one I created using mapbox dark. Anyway this can be

                              done? I tried simply copying and pasting CartoCSS, from every tab, into it,

                              but that didn't work.

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                                Aiswarya Sundaram

                                Thanks Kent for the detailed explanation.


                                We published a Classic style layer now and it seems to be working in Tableau.

                                To get to this point was insanely tedious though, MapBox is so powerful yet so confusing!




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                                  Taylor Hintz


                                  You'll need to use remote source (sooner or later).


                                  This is what you need to do .


                                  Start over with your geojson file in hand.


                                  In Mapbox Studio Classic:

                                  1. Projects > New Project

                                  2. Select your Style template (Dark in your case)

                                  3. Save As ... and name your Style

                                  4. Settings > Upload to Mapbox

                                  This will create a new style with a map.ID.


                                  5. Projects > Sources

                                  6. Select your geojson file source

                                  7. Settings > Create Style from source > use Remote source

                                  8. Remove these lines from the stylesheet (to create a transparent background)

                                  Map {

                                    background-color: #fff;


                                  9. You might want to add a fill color for polygons

                                  polygon-fill: rgba(255,47,200,0.5);

                                  10. Save

                                  11. Settings > Upload to Mapbox

                                  This will create a new style with a map.ID.


                                  In Tableau:

                                  12. Map > Background Maps > Map Services > Add > Mapbox Map

                                  13. Name your style

                                  14. Paste in your account token

                                  15. Choose custom

                                  16. Paste in the first map.ID for your Dark style

                                  17. Paste in the second map.ID for your geojson sourced Style

                                  18. OK


                                  Zoom to your polygons to see them.


                                  Let me know if you work it out.


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                                    Taylor Hintz

                                    Thanks for your help Kent, I was able to make it work. I've got a great map

                                    style and polygon in Tableau; the only thing that didn't work was the

                                    polygon fill, but I'm not picky about that. I assume that code would have

                                    to accompany the polygon map style and not the background dark style?


                                    In any case, you were a great help. Thanks for guiding me through it.




                                    On Wed, Feb 17, 2016 at 9:25 AM, Kent Marten <tableaucommunity@tableau.com>

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