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    Dual Axis - Specify Range For Different Filters

    Shannon Schmid

      Hello! I have created a workbook that utilizes multiple measures on a dual axis. I want both vertical axes to be the same range. However, when I choose from the dropdown list on one of my filters such as a different business unit, I need to utilize a different set of ranges. I have searched online and found a sample workbook from an older post that I believe did just this. However, I am unable to follow and recreate the same thing in my workbook. It is called "sample2-SW" and here are a couple images below from that sample workbook. It looks like this may include a special parameter and I cannot figure it out.


      As you can see below, both measures are utilizing the same range of values, which go up to about 270 in this example for RevPar.


      When a different option is chosen on the filter, such as OCC seen below, the range changes to accompany those data values while remaining the same range on both sides of the axes.


      I am needing to do this same thing where the range of values change when I select a different business unit. Some of my ranges need to go up to 500,000 while others only need to go up to 10,000. When I change one, I am noticing it changes it for all selections on my filter. Thanks in advance for your help!