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    Cycle of days

    Mattia Pradella

      Hi All,


      I'd like to create a field (it can be text) that groups the previous 42 days.


      As example:


      Given a starting date as the 10/08/14 it gives me a date or text every 42 days.


      What I'd like to do is to sum sales in these 42 days.


      Can you help?





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          Hello Mattia


          What you can do is to create a date parameter like this. This will be the day the user choose.


          Now, If you want to see the sales for 42 days before the date N parameter, you just create another calculated field like this to get the sales between the both date.


          IF DateOfTheSales>DATEADD('day',-42,[Date Now] AND DateOfTheSales<[Date Now]

          THEN [Sales]



          Is it what you're looking for ?