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    WDC / Sync Client and Logging

    Dave Britton

      Using a custom WDC via the simulator (http://tableau.github.io/webdataconnector/Simulator.html) I am able to see the output of calling tableau.log() events. Infact debugging in general is relatively easy as I can step through the  javascript using the chrome debugger.


      Is there any way to view these log message as they are running within the context of the Sync Client? Any way to debug my WDC as it runs in the Sync Client?


      Is there any logging that can be seen from the Sync Client? Errors are somewhat "vague" to say the least unfortunately.




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          Martin Seifert

          Hi Dave


          Did you already try to use the tableau.log function for this, too?


          In the tutorial files this function is only used to log error messages, but why shouldn't you simply log whatever you want? Here an example of how to use tableau.log (in JS):


          tableau.log("Connection error: " + xhr.responseText + "\n" + thrownError);


          Then, in the log file in your repository you should be able to see whatever you tracked


          Best regards


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