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    Web Data Connector for connecting to FPX's CPQ ON demand

    Sitaram Gollapudi

      I am trying to build a web data connector to connect to FPX's CPQ on Demand. I am fairly new to java scripting and writing web service callouts, so its been a good challenge to take up. While I plough through this on my own, just wanted to check here if anyone has already written a WDC for FPX.

      Here's documentation for FPX's REST Webservice. http://docs.fpx.com/docs/api/restful/15/

      Use case I am trying is fairly simple. I am trying to query Opportunity table in FPX and pass that data over to Tableau (query: select createddate, Id, name from Opportunity)

      Challenge I am facing is in authentication. While the example provided in Tableau's WDC documentation talks about authenticating with OAUTH, I don't think FPX's REST API supports OAUTH (I could be wrong though)

      So any pointers on how I can achieve authentication to FPX and follow it up with a query would be extremely helpful. Thanks!