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    Filters & Formating customers on a page

    Stephen Williams



      is it possible to have all customers in the pages, and filter product that are populated - I get the filter to work with only one customer but not when they are in a page so you can select each customer - you have to have all the products filter to all so getting lots of blank cells

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          Rachael Otto

          Hey Stephen,


          If I understand this set up correctly, you're using a field called "Customer" the Pages shelf and then you would like to filter by a field "Products" but the view is resulting in a lot of null values. Perhaps this article on the Pages Shelf might help?


          What would you like the view to look like? Do you want to be able to select a customer and then filter by Products? A parameter might be a better bet then, or even filtering by Customer.


          Sharing the workbook may be really helpful here, if possible.

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            Stephen Williams

            Hello Rachael


            youre on the wavelenght, null values are not populated if the customer doesn't use/order the products - what I would like to be able to do is link products to a customer so the filter changes as the customer is selected in the pages shelf .


            do you know if I can achieve the above possibility


            many thanks for your help


            cheers Steve

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              Amanjot Klair

              Hi Stephen,


              I am getting different intrepretations of your post. Hence i am giving two different advices. First one is in the workbook attached which will filter the products data in the sheet based on quick filter customer. The other is that i feel you want your products filter to show values related to the selected customer in customer filter. For that you can click on quick filter properties and select Only relevent values.


              Hope one of these is a solution to your problem!



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                Stephen Williams

                HI Amanjot


                where can I get your attachments from,


                can the filter be automated if products are used so you don't have to manually filter for each customer ?


                i Have attached a screenshot of the dashboard , in the right I can change the customer and see the null area where they don't purchase the products


                Cheers Steve

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                  Amanjot Klair

                  Ooops my bad i forgot to attach my file. And by looking at your snapshot i feel my file was not gonna help you. Now one thing i want to check with you is what is the data source? Tableau will only show rows like that if there is matadata for those rows flowing in. To me what it looks like is you are using an OLAP cube, correct? If not then probably the fix is easy else not. Try using this calculation [NULL Check] = {FIXED [Customer Name], [Product Name] : SUM([Sales])} and use this calc field in the filters shelf and filter out null from it. What this calculation will do is it will compute the sum of sales for each customer and product based on the selected filter. For example


                  Customer NameProductMonthSales




                  The calculation will give a result like.


                  Customer NameProductMonthSalesFixed Sales


                  This should solve your problem, if not please share the workbook with some dummy data so that i can take a detailed look on that.



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                    Stephen Williams



                    the data source is Microsoft dynamics we connect to the microsoft analytical services

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                      Amanjot Klair

                      Ahaan... Thought so... The difference in using relational database and multi-dimenssional data source is that a relational data source will only show you dimension value in case there is at least one value present in measures for that dimension value. But in multi-dimenssional data source each value is treated as a member and the record is returned even if there is no measure value available for that. I dont have much knowledge Microsoft dynamics but if it works on Microsoft analysis services then I believe the query language should be MDX. Can you use dimensions in the calculated fields while working with it or you create calculated members. If it's members then you might have to write some basic MDX to get this thing working which I mentioned in my previous comment.

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                        Stephen Williams

                        thank you for your help, I need to ask our it department about MDX - I don't understand the language side