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    Server Cache per selected datasource(s) - is it possible?

    Lena Grygoryev

      Is there a way to have server Cache turned on for individual TDS (that is published data source).

      For example one can have some "production" data sources and some sandbox/testing data sources, And want to turn it on only for production ones only.

      Or would like to test improvement on a specific datasource whether or not caching it will improve performance.

      Is it possible and if yes - how?

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Lena,


          The short answer is no.


          Tableau processes (Cache Server and VizQL Server included)

          are configured per server (cluster) instance, and the settings are systemwide.


          A recommendation would be to have a distinct server for testing / sandboxing.

          it would allow for configuration testing, including one with Cache performance.


          Tableau allows for up to three distinct server instances using the same license key.

          They're typically aimed to a "Production", "QA" and "Reserve" (actual roles may wary).


          Hope it may help.