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    When a new user is added, Tableau server is changing the username to (firstname.lastname) format by default.




      I am having a hard time with this weird behavior of tableau.


      We are having employees in our company used to have their usernames as Firstname.Lastname, but a few months ago their usernames were replaced with a 7 digit employee number.

      Initially we were using tableau server 8.2.2. I have upgraded it to 9.2.2 only a few weeks back.


      Ever since the server was upgraded, when I am trying to add a user to the server here..


      Tableau is adding users as..


      During the time before server up gradation, I was able to import users with their 7 digit employee number and tableau recognized the users with the same number as their username..


      Please can some one help me with this?


      Any help is highly appreciated.