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    Quick Filter deselect failure with Top N Set and Calculated Dimension that aggregates Others into a single name

    Stuart Davis

      I'm happy (and sad) that I've been able recreate the following issue with the Super Store data....


      Symptom When you deselect a member of the "City Name" quick filter in my sheet when the Expand or Collapse parameter is set to "Collapse", multiple other members are deselected from the quick filter, not removed from the viz, and then the only way to re-select the extra members is to select "(All)"


      The details

      • I have a Set on City to select the top "N" cities by the CNTD of OrderID's. The "N" is set by a parameter control for named "Top Cities"
        • I have a calculation (City Group Label) that creates a custom label for these groups -

      IF [Top Cities By Transaction]

           Then "Top Cities"

           Else "All Others"


      • I have a parameter "Expand or Collapse" which gets used in...
        • I have a calculation (City Name) that sets the city name to "Others" for all cities that are Out of the set.

           If [Expand or Collapse]="Collapse"


                      IF [Top Cities By Transaction]

                          THEN [City]

                          ELSE "Others"


                  ELSE [City]


      • I have a date range selected based upon two parameters "Start Date" and "End Date" that feeds a calculation named "Date Range Selected"

      [Order Date] >= [Start Date] AND

      [Order Date] <= [End Date]

      • I also made a couple of parameters (other reasons led to this) for Category and Ship Mode. These feed a calculation called "Filtered Parameters"

      [Ship Mode]=[Mode] AND


      • So that the set truly selects the correct data, I had to create another calculated field (Available City) and set it as a context filter

      [Filtered Parameters]=TRUE AND

      [Date Range Selected]=TRUE

      • Columns include
        • IN/OUT(Top Cities By Transaction) - don't show this header
        • City Group Label
        • City Name - sorted descending by CNTD of Order ID - I also display a quick filter for this so it shows up in the filter list
      • Rows
        • Region
        • CNTD(Order ID)
      • Filters
        • Available City (Context) - True
        • Filtered Parameters - True
        • Date Range Selected - True
        • City Name


      Another thing to note is that the quick filter for "City Name" is set to "All Values in Context"


      So when the Expand or Collapse parameter is set to "Collapse" the City Name quick filter will deselect multiple cities when deselecting only one. It also seems to always be the same ones no matter what city is selected. But it only removes the city the user selected from the viz. And the only way to get the checkmarks back is to select "All"


      So what am I missing - the action that I only want that one item to go away and get deselected.