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    Oracle connection: Schema not listed?

    Martin Harrison

      Hello everyone,


      Has anyone else had trouble connecting to an Oracle 11gR2 schema using Tableau Desktop 9.0x?   If so, how have you been able to work around the issue?


      I have a specific connection, where I can access the server and can view some schemas and tables, but not the schema that I need


      At first I thought this may have been a user permission issue, but I can connect via Oracle SQL Developer, and via Oracle SQL*Plus, from the same machine and using the same connection parameters, and everything is fine.


      More interesting is that I have other Oracle connections in Tableau to different databases on the same server that work fine.


      The environment variables for ORACLE_HOME, and TNS_ADMIN.   I have a tnsnames.ora file in the TNS_ADMIN directory with the proper connection details.  I am using the xxx.world connection name, as referenced in tnsnames.ora, in the Tableau “server” connection field and am leaving the server and port field blank.     


      In case it makes a difference I am attempting to connect to tables under a different user that are part of the Coeus application.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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          Martin Harrison

          I may have found the issue in another topic.   All of the tables in my target schema contain a "$" in the table name (example XYZ$USERS).   I saw a post here where a user posted this response from Tableau support:


          Got a reply from Support :

          Thank you for contacting Tableau Technical Support.


          I understand that when connecting Tableau Desktop to an Oracle database the table names that contain "$" are not available. Tableau Desktop, in order to comply with naming convention defined by Oracle, filters out table names that contain "$", “/”, or “#Tableau”. Oracle also suggest against using quoted identifiers.

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