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    All Values and Multiple Percentiles on Same Chart

    Michael Hesser

      I've been reading up on some very similar posts (All Values and Percentile together ), as well as chatting with a few helpful folks, but I haven't quite grasped the solution to my problem.


      I have a Gantt chart showcasing each "score" a customer receives.

      I am also calculating several percentiles (an upper percentile, and a lower percentile).

      Both are dynamically controlled through parameters

      Resulting percentiles are rounded UP (in the case of upper percentile) or DOWN (for lower percentile).


      How can I get these percentiles on the same chart as customer scores?


      You might think adding reference lines would be the quick fix to this. Unfortunately, reference lines have the following snags for my viz:

      Percentiles must represent integers where the lower percentile is rounded down & the upper percentile is rounded up. I don't think this is possible using reference lines.

      The calculated percentiles need to be exportable when I View Data --> Export All.


      I've attached a workbook with a mock-up of my graphs. Thank you for your help!