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    delaying action filters until all needed filters selected

    Gokhan Ersoy

      I have a county selection map. I want users to select counties and then trigger actions once they complete their selection. They can select 1 or more counties.


      in the current design once they click to a county it triggers all actions and it takes 10-15 seconds to complete. Then they can do second county selection and they have to wait another 10-15 secs to select 3rd.


      I want to delay this action triggering event until they select all counties. I also want to give them a list of counties (2 options: they can either use map or a list of counties sorted by name).


      Attached is the light version of my project. I can't post it as is because of privacy concerns. Currently I have more than 20 data connections, 10 dashboards and around 100 sheets in the project. that is why I want to delay the action filters until all counties selected. It is a large project.


      Thank you