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    LSOA/MSOA Data Integrity issue?

    ric bailey

      Hi, I am trialling the product for my company and took advantage of some of the free datasets tableau provides.  I have opened 2 datasets - LSOA England and MSOA England, and filtered on Brighton and Hove (my home town).  I have noticed 2 things:


      1) MSOA boundaries appeared to have changed since 2005, when ONS did a land usage study.  I know this because the polygon areas have changed, sometimes by over 10%.  Is this possible and expected?


      2) At least some and perhaps many LSOA paths do not fit properly within their parent MSOA from the datasets provided by Tableau.  For example


      (MSOA) Brighton and Hove 009

      (LSOA) Brighton and Hove 009A

      (LSOA) Brighton and Hove 009B

      (LSOA) Brighton and Hove 009C

      (LSOA) Brighton and Hove 009D

      (LSOA) Brighton and Hove 009E


      Rather than ask Tableau direct I guessed that the community may already know about this and have an explanation?


      Many thanks!


      Message was edited by: ric bailey link illustrating problem 2 https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zOWmz-16NNWs.kDsadK61ARLc&usp=sharing