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    Grouping by week generates bad SQL?

    Oscar Morante


      I'm new to Tableau and I'm doing some testing with Apache Drill.  I'm trying to group some data by week but when I do so Tableau queries the database with SQL that has syntax errors like this:


      SELECT * FROM (SELECT AS `wk_purchase_time_ok`
      FROM `tvmetrix.metrix`.`vodpurchases` `vodpurchases`) T LIMIT 0


      Notice how there's nothing left of "AS `wk_purchase_time_ok`".  If I switch from "Week number" or "Weekday" to let's say "Month" then the query that get's to Drill is correct:


      SELECT CAST(EXTRACT(MONTH FROM `vodpurchases`.`purchase_time`) AS INTEGER) AS `mn_purchase_time_ok`
      FROM `tvmetrix.metrix`.`vodpurchases` `vodpurchases`
      GROUP BY CAST(EXTRACT(MONTH FROM `vodpurchases`.`purchase_time`) AS INTEGER)


      Any idea what might be going on?