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    Plotting Multiple Lines on Same Chart

    Rahul Ahluwalia



      I'm trying to plot 5 lines (all within the same scale) on a single chart. I've tried the method listed here (Re: Multiple Series On Line Graph ), which works wonderfully, but does not allow me to keep just 1 line as a line and the remaining 4 as a Gantt Chart or shape. To give some context, I'm trying to show GPA per person and then show averages on the month by 4 categories. For aesthetic purposes, just the orange line (GPA) would be a solid line and the remaining 4 lines will either be Gantt Chart or some shape. I also tried to do dual axis, but it won't let me add more than 1 thing to the dual axis (so only 2 sync up in total).


      Any advice how I can accomplish this?


      I've attached a screenshot of my current setup. I can't post the packaged workbook due to confidential information in the data, but if absolutely required, I can spend some time to clean that up.