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    Plotting Multiple Lines on Same Chart

    Rahul Ahluwalia



      I'm trying to plot 5 lines (all within the same scale) on a single chart. I've tried the method listed here (Re: Multiple Series On Line Graph ), which works wonderfully, but does not allow me to keep just 1 line as a line and the remaining 4 as a Gantt Chart or shape. To give some context, I'm trying to show GPA per person and then show averages on the month by 4 categories. For aesthetic purposes, just the orange line (GPA) would be a solid line and the remaining 4 lines will either be Gantt Chart or some shape. I also tried to do dual axis, but it won't let me add more than 1 thing to the dual axis (so only 2 sync up in total).


      Any advice how I can accomplish this?


      I've attached a screenshot of my current setup. I can't post the packaged workbook due to confidential information in the data, but if absolutely required, I can spend some time to clean that up.

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          Rahul Ahluwalia

          Posting my solution here so that it can help others out. The trick is to drag the remaining fields (BU, etc. in my picture in original post) to the area in Marks in the blank white space. Now it is possible to add reference lines (under Analytics) and choose one of these measures (BU, etc.) to display as a reference line on a per cell level basis, which accomplishes exactly what I was asking for.