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    Dynamic Axes, Labels and Sorting

    Ryan Miller

      Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to answer this:


      So, i'm trying to create dynamic labels and axes that have the measure labels change accordingly when i select a new metric from my parameter. However, even though i've set up the number formatting to align with their respective metrics (CPC-$, CTR-%, Clicks-#, etc.) it doesn't seem to show it on my actual chart.


      Is there anyway to make those labels and axes change and align to each measure when it's selected in my parameter?


      Additionally, is there any way for them to automatically sort when a new measure is selected in the parameter? Meaning, when CTR is selected, Keyword 5 is at the top--and so on. When Clicks is selected, Keyword 7 is at the top--and so on.


      Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!! THANKS!


      Capture 1.PNGCapture 2.PNG