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    Adding totals to row and column

    Mark Mueller

      Hello, All


      New user. Sorry if this is a basic question.  I want to add the totals to the columns, too. When I go to the Analysis tab, I check both totals for row and totals for columns, but it only gives me the rows. How do I get the columns to show the totals?





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          Amanjot Klair

          Hi Mark,


          I think its bacause you are using multiple measures and Tableau doesn't shows a row total or column total of multiple measures. You can create another Measure by the name of Total which will sum up all the measures that you have in your view and include that in your measure name filter and allign it to the end. This should solve your purpose.


          I have created this sample using Superstore data. If you look at it there is no total for columns here.


          No Total.PNG


          Just create a new calc field which adds your measures.


          Calculation for Total.PNG



          And now include that into your measure names filter.



          With Total.PNG


          You will get the total there.



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            Mark Mueller

            Perfect! Many thanks