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    New to Tableau, finished the coursework, where to go from here?

    Jeff W



      I just finished up a number of online courses (the on demand courses from Tableau and 3 course from Udemy) and would like to start using what I've learned. My goals are to pass the Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate exam and land a job using Tableau. Tableau recommends 5 months experience before taking the exam. Since I don't work with Tableau or have an analytics job at the moment, I'm looking for the experience / practice anyway I can get it. I'm also hoping that adding unique visuals to my public profile will help in my job search.


      So anyway, I did try one viz myself, but wasn't sure where to take it. It can be viewed here:

      | Tableau Public


      I'm also open, and in need of, any and all advice on how to achieve my goals. Thx. Jeff.