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    Calculating Weighted Score For Multivariable Group

    Noorani Ali

      I am trying to calculate Task Count per Order based on the following parameter (I want the calculation to be as shown "Task Count per Order" column).  Any ideas?


      Corporation NameSubsidiary NameDistinct count of order idTask CountTask Count per order
      Corporation 1Subsidiary ABC25050/37
      Subsidiary DEF53030/37
      Subsidiary GHI307777/37
      Total Corporation 137157
      Corporation 2Subsidiary JKL100089058905/1300
      Subsidiary MNO300448448/1300
      Total Corporation 213009353
      Corporation 3Subsidiary PQR200908908/392
      Subsidiary STU100300300/392
      Subsidiary VWX59205205/392
      Subsidiary YZ335555/392
      Total Corporation 33921468