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    Data Source Management through REST API

    Michel Roberge

      Hi guys,


      I'm working on using the data source features from Tableau Server. The beauty of it to us the ability to use data sources without knowing the Database credentials and data structure. This is critical to data governance.


      The kind of use cases we're implementing are


      1- User adds a new data source to our system, these get published to tableau server (REST API)

      2- User then can search for existing data sources in our system (REST API)

      3 -User can then download the data sources through our system - it will generate a sample extract to work with (no credentials required), then we put the workbook back in, and it switches to the actual server data source. (TDE API+REST API+in-house code)


      A few missing things I found along the way:


      A) there is a "about" field in the data sources when we're on the server. It's not available through the QueryDataSource method. It's not in the Update either... Therefore I have to duplicate the data source id on my system... Which is a shame. Can we have that?

      B) as of yet, there is nothing related to schedules. This is really a big missing piece for us. When do you think we can query schedules, add refresh to schedule, etc?

      C) I saw you will be adding an "append" option to the publish data source, that's awesome, it was on my missing list.


      Any chances I'll see solutions to the above soon? Also, has anyone implemented such solutions, and would care to share their experience?