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    I can't connect to the workgroup data dictionary from my desktop after enabling the readonly account

    Judith Lanzo

      Hi Everyone,


      I'm having an issue connecting using the readonly user to connect to the workgroup data diction from Tableau Desktop on my pc.  Prior to upgrading to Tableau 9.0 we had the tableau user account enabled.  After upgrading I went through the steps to enable the dbpass command for the readonly user account and restarted the server.  I cannot connect to the data dictionary from my desktop using the readonly account, but I can with the tableau account.  If I log on to my Tableau Server, I can connect fine to the readonly account.  I have done the same in our non-production environments and did not encounter this issue.  Internal repository database ssl is off for all connections.  The error I get is the following :FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "readonly", database "workgroup", SSL off.  Any ideas on what to look at or try?  Thought I'd reach out here before submitting a case.