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    Reference should change up or down depending on month

    Brenda Fosmire

      How can I make my reference line do this - across a horizontal x axis of time (months) change (jump)


      We have performance goals - the goal for each employee are set by a target number times a FTE percentage, BUT this calculation changes every month.

      Employee A for November was a .9 FTE with a base targe goal of 400 = .9 * 400

      Employee A for December was a .5 FTE with a base target goal of 400 = .5 * 400


      There is a table which logs these changes by month for each employee.


      So (below) for Maddis for October the orange dash line should be at 160, then for November the line should change to 200, then December be back to 160.


      Would this need to be a level of detail calc?


      This is not working....  MONTH({FIXED [Disch Date] : SUM([Listing (CDS FTE Level LOG)].[Rev Init Goal FTE])} )


      How should I approach this.  Can reference lines do this?