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    Percentages and aggregates


      I am teaching myself the ins and outs of Tableau by playing with some demographic data. In this data, I have two dimensions: race (strings: white, black, hispanic, etc) and "father living" (strings: yes, no, unanswered). The obvious question is "Is there a correlation between race having lost a father?" I must admit to being stumped about how to tackle this in Tableau. This dataset skews heavily in favor of white respondents, so just looking at the raw counts of yes and no per race is not terribly informative. What I want to see is percentage of the the responses for a particular race. I've tried making calculated fields or quick table calculations, but I can't seem to get what I want.


      I would certainly appreciate any suggestions, either how to achieve what I think I would like, or better approaches to tackle the question itself.

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          I managed to get closer to being able to answer the question by using pie charts and using the count of the "father living" dimension for angle, but this is unsatisfactory. It does show a difference in percentages, but separates the results to individual pies, making it difficult to be able to say anything beyond "they look different". I am still looking for a better solution.


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            Charlie Archer

            Hi Christopher,


            It looks like your main challenge at the moment is to create your % values to use as the basis of your analysis.


            If you right click the COUNT([Father Living]) field when it is in the view and select 'Quick table calculation' and "Percent of total", you will get back a % value.


            From the above it looks like you have experimented with quick table calc's previously but haven't had any luck. My assumption was that this was because it was calculating across the wrong dimension. By right clicking your COUNT([Father Living]) table calc, selecting 'Compute using' and then selecting [Father Living] you should be able to express this as a % making it easier for comparison.


            Let me know if this doesnt work / doesnt achieve what youre after.



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              Thank you. It was indeed the 'Compute using' component that I was missing. When I had tried this earlier, I didn't have [Father Living] as a color mark, so I wasn't getting the break down, and it wasn't an option in the 'Compute using' menu.