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    Create Drilled Down Circle Chart Which is Also A Kind of Venn Diagram

    Ashish Singh

      Good Afternoon,

      I have sales data for customers month wise. Sales data has two products : 'Digital' and 'Analog'. Any customer can by any of product in a month.

      So there is possibility to have following combination of customer:

      1. Customers Who Bought Any of Two Product
      2. Customers who bought Digital
      3. Customers who bought Analog
      4. Customers who bought only Digital
      5. Customers who bought only analog
      6. customers who bought digital and analog


      Now I have task to visualize above 6 data points in following manner. Though I have been able to calculate above 6 KPIs in my workbook, I am not able to place them in canvas in such a manner which can give me following visualization:


      Desired Visualization.PNG


      My data has following columns:

      Column 1: Month of Sales

      Column 2: Customer ID

      Column 3: Product (Digital, Analog)

      Column 4: Sales Value (For Now I am only interested in Customer ID count, and not sales value, so lets just ignore it)


      Any help on the above would be so grateful. Thanks a ton



      Ashish Singh