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    hide empty / null rows (specifically make rows A & B disappear for measure Y )

    Tom Dusiod

      I've searched through the forums without luck, so hopefully there is an answer to this.


      The attached is a simplified example of my actual dataset & visualisation, but crux of it is, how can I hide only the rows highlighted in yellow below (without other changes to the table)




      Have considered using separate workbooks combined in one dashboard but as yet hoping for a more elegant / cleaner solution as for the multiple workbook workaround I'd need to create & combine about 10 different worksheets to generate the required table - further complicated as I have dimensions with hierarchies in both columns and rows (guess these could be controlled with parameters over the various workbooks)....  but just seems like a big mess to do something which should be relatively simple.


      Hope someone has a cleaner solution to making rows A & B disappear for measure Y =)