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    Sizing issue

    yogev zilberman


      Need help with server sizing issue.

      30~ datasources

      All datasources are live

      DB is Hive/Hadoop

      100~ users – means 10~ concurrent users

      A lot of data – 500~ Tara

      i am talking mainly on:

      1. RAM

      2. # of cores

      3. Storage

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          John Kuo

          From this link:


          Minimum Hardware Recommendations

          For production use, the computer on which you install or upgrade Tableau Server should meet or exceed the minimum hardware recommendations. These recommendations are general. Actual system needs for Tableau Server installations can vary based on many factors including number of users, and number and size of extracts.

          Install Type




          Free Disk Space

          Single node


          8-core, 2.0 GHz or higher

          32 GB

          50 GB

          Multi-node and Enterprise deployments

          Contact Tableau for technical guidance.

          Nodes must meet or exceed the minimum hardware recommendations, except nodes running backgrounder, where 4 cores may be acceptable.



          I believe 8 CPU core should be sufficient but I'd double the RAM and Disk Space in the table above (minimum hardware = minimum performance).