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    Color palette reverts on server w/ published source

    Mario Jaspers Faijer

      When publishing a workbook to Tableau Server while using a published data source, my workbook's color palettes that I defined while creating my workbook are being reverted to default. I also noticed that a published data source with predefined color palettes for dimensions and measures, my workbook's colors are reverted to the color palettes published with the data source instead of Tableau's default.


      I wanted to ask the community if they encounter the same issue, if this is something being done intentionally by Tableau Server, if there is a workaround/solution, or if this is a possible bug? I can't believe that Tableau decided to govern color palettes on published data sources.


      Some additional details, we are using Tableau Server 9.1, Desktop 9.1. Published data source is a live connection to data warehouse.


      Thanks for the insights!