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    How to change extract?

    Dyna Lee

      Hello everybody


      I have created Analysis, firstly using a SQL-Statement and live Connection to the Oracle Server.


      Later i changed the Connection from "live" to extract.


      With another script I refresh the extract every night.


      When I open the twb-file somehow it doesn't take the new extract (same Name, same save-place, etc.). I don't know from where Tableau takes the data but it seems that it takes the "old" extract, that no longer exists. because when i click on tab "data source" it wants to connect with the Server and Show completely other data.


      My question is also: how to tell Tableau user "another extract" (with the same Name, same save-place, etc.?)?


      Best regards

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          Jaideep Rokade


          Try this,

          1. If you have a .twbx file, convert the .twbx file to a .twb file using one of the following methods:
            • In Tableau Desktop, open the packaged workbook (.twbx file), and then select File > Save As. Under Save as type, select Tableau Workbook (*.twb).
            • In Windows Explorer, right-click the .twbx file, and then select Unpackage.
          2. In Tableau Desktop, open the .twb file, and then select Data > <data source name> > Extract > Remove.
          3. Select Just remove the extract, and then click OK.
          4. Select  Data > <data source name> > Extract Data, and then click Extract.
          5. Select the desired location, and then click Save.


          Hope that helps for you.

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            Venu Babu Kolasani

            Hi Dyna,


            Tableau sometimes creates extract in the Temporary folders: (%temp%). You can also find the location of the extract by right clicking on it, --->Extract-->Location.


            You can follow the steps mentioned by Jaideep, to change the location of the extract before you do next refresh.