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    2 Community Tips/Tricks

    Patrick Van Der Hyde

      Fun and games in the community..  Two tips that I just discovered that may be useful to each of you.


      First tip.  Pop up Search.   You will need to make sure that your pop up blockers are disabled for the community site to use this cool trick.  Jive has a pop up Search box available from anywhere.  Just type the letter "S" (while not in a dialog box) and it appears.



      Second tip:  News feeds of Tags, People or Spaces and combinations of these.  So, let's say you just want to see what your friends are up to in the community.  This allows you to put together a feed of your friends content.


      Go to :  https://community.tableau.com/news (there are no links to this page currently exposed in the Nav of the community so you may want to bookmark this page). 


      1. Click on “New Stream” in the left column and call it what you want.
      2. To the right of the newly created stream name, there is a down carrot icon.  Click that and select “Edit Stream”
      3. In the search bar on the right side of the screen – type in the tag, person or space of interest.
      4. Scroll down the item of interest within the results and add to the stream.
      5. Save the stream.
      6. Come back to this page to utilize the stream any time you like.


      Please share your thoughts regarding these features and if you figure out something cool or interesting to do with them.