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    Action Filter using two dimensions (multiple criteria)

    savinay sehgal



      I have a dashboard where I am showing count of orders categorized by Sales and product containers


      I have a sheet in which i am showing the count of issues based on various product containers. At the same time I am also categorizing that count on the basis of Sales:


      Sales Categories:


      sales > 0

      Sales  > 1000

      Sales > 3000

      Sales >4000



      What I want : when user clicks on the intersection of "Jumbo boxes" and "Sales > 0" then he/she should be taken to another sheet: "Sheet 2" where only those orders will be shown for which the Product container category is Jumbo boxes and Sales > 0 and <1000. Also, the same functionality for rest of the intersection points


      What I have been able to do: I am using action filter in the dashboard and when I click on the intersection of "Jumbo boxes" and "Sales > 0" I am taken to the different sheet "Sheet 2" where I can see all the orders where Product container category is Jumbo boxes; irresepective of Sales filter.



      Is it possible to  do it?