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    9.2.4 installed:  Yuck -- I do NOT like what they did to the permissions display!

    Toby Erkson

      Here is the default view of Permissions in 9.2:

      If I want to see the specific permissions, for example anything marked "Custom", I can ONLY expand ONE of the categories like so:


      Displaying the entire set of permissions is NOT possible Come on, SERIOUSLY?!?!


      Using the Content sub-menu on the Content screen is equally as fruitless:




      Here is our current 9.1.2 production server and this is what I like and GREATLY prefer!

      Every permission is clearly visible AND marked with TEXT, not an icon that is subject to questioning by end users!


      This new 9.2 permissioning format is a step backwards.  For me it's a BIG step backwards!   I often take a screen shot of the permissions screen for Projects or workbooks for new Project Leaders, object owners, etc. to quickly and easily show them what they have.  No silly icons to [mis-]interpret and the full gamut of permission in one easy screen shot.  This big change in permission viewing looks like change for the sake of change because I see absolutely NO VALUE in the new display.  Highly inconvenient now.  Looks like my report for getting permissions has gained a newfound importance.


      Would love to know why the team decided to spend precious development time on something that didn't appear broken and didn't need fixing.