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    Axis Lineup In Dashboard Help Needed!

    Brian Scott

      Hello gurus -


      I'm so very close to having my dates line up across to panes on my dashboard, but am pretty much one character off.  Essentially I am modeling across the same timespan with two panels, but one value shows cumulative grown, the other shows a comparison on a date basis.  Unfortunately, because my cumulative axis builds bigger numbers, it pushes the drawing edge of the graph out *just a tiny bit* compared to the time snapshot graph.  So, if I go to one of my axis for time snapshot and give the format an extra decimal, my dates and tick marks line up, but it looks like a five year old rendered the legend.  On the other hand, if my axis are consistent with one another, my dates / tick marks are off, and it looks like a five year old arranged the graphs. 


      See attached images. 


      I am failing at the last inch of the marathon!  Can anyone help? 




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          Paul Klapatauskas


          Can you add a packaged workbook and version of Tableau? I'm thinking you should be able to put multiple measures on a single worksheet, forcing both to use the same Date axis.

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            Brian Scott

            Hi Paul -


            They are the same measures, except one is being calculated as a running total whereas I leave the other on a simple sum by time block.  Both panels utilize the same date dimension and level of date detail.  Both have the same starting and ending points for the dates in the axis.  The problem seems to be where Tableau decides to start painting the graph, which differs ever so slightly with differently sized legends.  One axis has to paint $### and the other has to paint $##, which skews things just a touch.


            All of that being said, it looks like I was trying to do this the difficult way. I tried blank images, different layout containers, empty text boxes on the dashboard, cussing at it.  But they all had kind of chunky pixel modification options, bottoming out ~ 10px.  Anyways, in a somewhat embarrassing discovery, you do appear to be able to just drag an axis out with finer granularity; it isn't as precise as you'd like, but better than nothing. 


            Thanks for your reply, in the process of making a dummy data set I poked on a big old axis and dragged it along more or less on accident.  You get credit for the solution!

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              Paul Klapatauskas

              Thanks Brian...glad you were able to figure it out.