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    How to Create a Non existent Time Element w/ paremeters / calculated fields

    Aramide Kehinde



      I'm creating visualizations to forecast customer traffic volume for new stores. I have a formula based on the bass diffusion model below to do it:

      \ S(t)=m{ \frac{(p+q)^2}{p}} \frac{e^{-(p+q)t}}{(1+\frac{q}{p}e^{-(p+q)t})^2}


      My base data has fields for all of the variables in the equation above, except for 't' which is amount of time since store opening. t should be in integers (1,2,3,4,5...) in months.


      Now, my base data does not have values for t. However, I need to be able to display trend lines that display traffic volume for t from 1 - 50 months. I'm currently trying to use parameters to create the t variable but the problem is that the chart will only show the traffic volume for the t value that the use puts in the parameter. I need to be able to display a trend line with traffic volume from month 1 to whatever month the user defines in the parameter


      Any ideas out there on how to do it?