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    How to include Null values

    Tangy Williams

      I have a report that  tracks the number of calls/records taken per 15 minute interval. There are certain intervals where there are no calls but I still would like to see the time interval and the number "0" for Null values.


      sample pic.jpg

      ** The "1:00 AM interval has been skipped because there are no records, but I would like to see the Interval/Time and "0" records and minutes.


      I have attached a workbook for you to review,  Any assistance would be appreciated.



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          John Sobczak

          I've created another data source that is just a template or scaffold of all 15 minute intervals and used that as my primary (so I would get ALL the times) and blended to the call data.  There are limitations to this approach such as not being able to use measure names from secondary data source (which is really the main data source).  But maybe this might buy you something.

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            Tangy Williams

            This is exactly what I needed but I need to be able to populate the 15 minute interval for the whole month of January.  It appears that that 15 minute interval times stop on 1/2/2016 at 12:45pm.  It then goes:


            12:45 pm

            12:59 pm

            1:14 pm

            1:29 pm


            I exported the "All Times" tab into Excel and clicked on "1/2/2016 at 12:45pm.".  I thought if I were to drag it down that it would populate the next date/15 minute interval, but it didn't.


            My goal is to be able to create reports using this format for every month.  Any ideas?

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              John Sobczak

              Ah you're right.  That's strange.  It stopped the 15 min interval at row 100.   I just went in and edited that row and the next row to 1/3/2016  1:00:00  &  1:15:00 and continued the drag and it seemed to go all the way out that time.  You will probably need at least 2 cells to click when dragging down to give Excel an interval to continue.

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                Tangy Williams

                I'm still not able get the time to show in the correct 15 minute interval after row 100.  I tried the method you recommended by adding 1/2/2016 1:00:00 PM & 1:15:00 PM but was not successful.


                Any other recommendations??