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    how to create independent reference line for various measures?

    Somok Sarkar


      I came across an issue today for which some help would be really appreciated. I replicated the same in a sample file.


      My requirement is to plot the different measure values for the year 2013 and I need to assign a reference line for each measure to project in 2014 what was the outcome. now when I am trying to add a reference line for each cell I can only assign one condition and that should be applicable for all the cells. however I have 5 measures distributed among various cells.


      Please find the sample file attached for the same. eg : as per the tableau file for various markets the sales measure is currently showing 2013 result. now I want to add 2014 result as a reference line. Same goes to the other measures like profit, quantity, shipping cost etc.


      Can some one kindly help me with this topic please?