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    Rows Division in Tableau

    Shikha Singh

      I want to see data for different countries like shown below,



      Is there a way to achieve the same,I know other alignment like at the right of each row is possible but I would like to see the "Country column" data at the top for each division.




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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Sikha,


          Are you creating separate sheets for each country or are u displaying the data by using Action on Country. ?

          if you are using a separate sheets then use title for heading something like below.


          and if you are using Action , then select the target filter as country code and u r good to go

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            Shikha Singh



            I think the requirement is again misunderstood.

            What I would actually like to see is :


            Say you have a csv fille with data like below :



            Here I have a particular column "Country" [highlighted one] ,on the bases of this column I want the data to be grouped and my view in Tableau should look like :


            with the grouped column country be visible for each group at the center of the display as a row header for each division.


            Let me know in case this is still not clear.