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    Issue with filters

    Carlos Trivino

      Can someone help...


      I am trying to filter in dashboard and seems that it does not work... here are the screens,






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          Michael Miller

          Hey Carlos.


          Thank you for reaching out through the Tableau Community Forums! In order for us to better assist, please send the following additional information when you get a chance:


          1. Detailed description of the desired outcome, including a mock-up of how the final result should look if possible.


          2. A sample packaged workbook (.twbx). If the data is confidential, a sample packaged workbook with sample data that mimics the structure of the original workbook is sufficient. Instructions for creating and sending a packaged workbook can be found at the following link:




          If the data source is a cube, creating a packaged workbook will not be possible. In this case, please send screenshots illustrating the issue and as much descriptive information as possible.


          Any additional information you can provide as to the view or functionality desired would be greatly appreciated. Please send this information as a reply to this message and someone will follow up as soon as possible.


          Thank you again Carlos for contacting the Tableau Community Forums!

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            Carlos Trivino

            Data is too big to send… I would prefer someone connects with me over webex..


            CARLOS TRIVINO | 905-875-0708 ext.332


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              Patrick Van Der Hyde



              I have moved this to the Forums where assistance is more likely.  Also - I suggest watching Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing to assist with creating a small sample package workbook. 


              The power of the community is often found in the variety of answers and methods utilized by different members to solve an issue presented by another member.  Sometimes an answer provided may be the right answer for the original poster but one of the other methods or answers is better for a follow on visitor.  If, however, the data is too large and direct assistance is needed, please check some of the Tableau options here: Consulting Services | Tableau Software