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    Stem and Leaf type chart?

    Joan Armande

      I'm trying to do something that seams simple but isn't obviously so.


      I'd like to create something like this first picture where I have a continuous measure along the x-axis. Then I  want one category to plot above a line and the other in another color but below. But dimensions can't be straddled across a line like this. However, I'm stuck at the second picture. I've created bins which are needed to stack the marks but I can't seem to come up with an idea that will group the reds from the blues and would put them above and below a line. I thought that maybe a calculated field might help where if [dimension] equals B then [measure]*-1 but that means that if a value is far from zero then that mark plots too far away from the line rather than in either picture below. 


      I don't have a workbook to share but anyone have any ideas?



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